Year 2017

2017-01-05     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Ryosuke Sato) 2017-01-06     Workshop on hadron tomography at J-PARC and KEKB 2017-01-06     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Ignatios Antoniadis) 2017-01-06     IMSS Seminar (16-5) 2017-01-07     KEK theory center workshop on Hadron and Nuclear Physics in 2017 (KEK-HN-2017) 2017-01-17     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Hiroaki Sugiyama) 2017-01-18     KEK Theory Seminar 2017-01-24     KEK Theory Seminar 2017-01-24     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr. Da-Shin Lee 2017-01-25     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof. Oleg Teruyaev) 2017-01-26     Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. T.Hayashinaka) 2017-01-27     IMSS Seminar (16-03) 2017-02-06Conference/Workshop26th Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) 2017-02-07     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Tsuyoshi Houri) 2017-02-14     KEK Theory Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology (KEK-PH2017) 2017-02-20     KEK - Cosmo 2017 Workshop "Fundamental Physics in the Universe" 2017-02-28     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Kallol Sen) 2017-03-03     SRF technology development at Fermilab 2017-03-10     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Frank Krauss 2017-03-10     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Holger Bech Nielsen 2017-03-13     Theory Seminar (Dr. Suzuki) 2017-03-13     IMSS Seminar (16-07) 2017-03-14     History of Global CFS activities and Recommendations for realizing ILC project 2017-03-14     Historical Notes on the Theoretical Description of Intrabeam Scattering 2017-03-16     Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. A. Ota) 2017-03-23     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Nguyen Anh Ky 2017-03-28     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Naoto Yokoi) 2017-04-03     TYL Seminar 2017-04-07     Demonstration of Energy-Chirp Control in Relativistic Electron Bunches at LCLS Using a Corrugated Structure 2017-04-14     Impedance Calculation and Verification in Storage Rings 2017-04-20     Cosmophysics Seminar(Dr.Y.Takamizu) 2017-04-21     IMSS Seminar (17-01) 2017-04-21     IMSS Seminar (17-01) 2017-04-24     Theory Seminar(Dr. Daiki Nishiguchi ) 2017-04-25     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof.Bryan Webber ) 2017-04-28     Theory Seminar(Dr. N. Watamura) 2017-05-08     Knowledge Transfer at CERN 2017-05-16     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Yuji Sugimoto) 2017-05-22     ITER and its Control System - Status and Perspectives 2017-05-22     EPICS - Recent Developments, New Features, Great Plans 2017-05-23     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Tadashi 2017-05-30     Theory Seminar (Dr. Uesaka) 2017-06-06     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Yuji Satoh) 2017-06-07     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Valentin V. Khoze 2017-06-08     Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. K. Toma) 2017-06-13     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Hajime Otsuka ) 2017-06-15     Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. T. Fujita) 2017-06-16     Recent Progress of the FCC-ee Project 2017-06-19Conference/Workshop27th Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) 2017-06-27     KEK Theory Seminar/Mr.Hatakeyama 2017-06-29     Coherent beam-beam instability in collision with a large crossing angle 2017-07-05     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Yoshimasa Hidaka 2017-07-05     Beam dynamics simulations with the PyHEADTAIL and PyECLOUD macroparticle codes 2017-07-07     Beam dynamics simulations with the PyHEADTAIL and PyECLOUD macroparticle codes 2017-07-13     Lecture (Prof. Vaidman) 2017-07-13     Theory Seminar (Dr. Bennett) 2017-07-13     Electron Cloud Studies at J-PARC Main Ring 2017-07-14     Lecture(Prof. Vaidman) 2017-07-14     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Kim 2017-07-18     Lecture (Prof. Vaidman) 2017-07-18     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Ohnishi 2017-07-19     Theory Seminar (Dr. Vaidman) 2017-07-21     Beam dynamics simulation results for J-PARC MR with the PyHEADTAIL and PyECLOUD macroparticle codes. 2017-07-25     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Xing 2017-07-25     Current Activities and New Trend of Thermo-Nuclear Fusion in the World 2017-07-27     Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. T.Saito) 2017-07-31     IMSS Seminar (17-03) 2017-08-18     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Yamazaki 2017-08-29     Vortex behavior and pinning mechanisms in Superconductors Special case: Crystalline structure of bulk Niobium andits influence on Flux trapping, hydride precipitate,doping behavior... 2017-08-31     Theory Seminar (Dr. J.Qiu) 2017-09-05     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Danshita 2017-09-18     NBI2017: 10th International Workshop on Neutrino Beams and Instrumentation + 4th RaDIATE Meeting 2017-09-19     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Hongo 2017-09-26     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Honda 2017-10-09Conference/Workshop28th Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) 2017-10-10     Explanatory Seminar for Human Frontier Science Program 2017-10-17     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr. Vazquez-Mozo 2017-10-19     Cosmophysics Seminar/ Dr.T.Hiramatsu 2017-10-23     Theory Seminar (Mr. Daiki Suenaga) 2017-10-24     On Compensation of an Existing Linac for H- Intrabeam Stripping and Residual Beam Loss 2017-10-26     S-band RF gun based on new type accelerating structure 2017-10-27     [Accelerator Seminar I] Reduction of Secondary Electron Yield for E-cloud Mitigation by Laser Ablation Surface Engineering 2017-10-27     [Accelerator Seminar II] NEG coating developments and optimization at ASTeC 2017-10-30     Theory Seminar (Dr. Yasuhiro Yamaguchi ) 2017-10-31     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Marcus Sperling) 2017-11-02     Cosmophysics Seminar/Dr.T.Sekiguchi 2017-11-07     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Jnanadeva Maharana ) 2017-11-13     KEK-TH2017&East Asian Joint Workshop on Fields and Strings2017 2017-11-14     Heat pipe Concept and Applications 2017-11-15     LLRF commissioning and operation at the European XFEL 2017-11-18     Workshop on 'neutrino-nucleus interaction in a few GeV region' 2017-11-22     Future Circular Collider Update and a Possible Long-Term Strategy 2017-11-24     Beam-beam studies for Super Proton-Proton Collider 2017-11-30     Workshop on Gravitational physics with particle accelerators 2017. 2017-11-30     DTP Seminar/Dr. Kachel Maciej 2017-12-01     FCC-ee 20 GeV S-Band + C-Band Linac & Damping Ring 2017-12-04     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Noki Yamamoto 2017-12-07     Cosmophysics Seminar(Dr.Y.Inoue) 2017-12-07     (17-04)The Use of Diffraction in Detemine the Residual Stress of HVOF WC-17Co Coatings 2017-12-11     Asian School on Superconductivity and Cryogenics for Accelerators 2017-12-12     DTP Seminar/Prof. Jean-Claude Brient and Mr. Jérome Nanni 2017-12-20     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Asano