What is KEK? - Our Mission

Scientists at KEK use accelerators and perform research in high-energy physics to answer the most basic questions about the universe as a whole, and the matter and the life it contains.


The KEK roadmap describes the research programs for next five years(2014-2018), outlining the strategy to achieve our mission.

The KEK Project Implementation Plan(KEK-PIP)describes detailed plan to carry the research programs forward listed in the KEK Roadmap.


KEK was established in 1997 in a reorganization of the Institute of Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo(established in 1955), the National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (established in 1971), and the Meson Science Laboratory of the University of Tokyo(established in 1988).


A guide to KEK's management structure.

Officer list

The members of the Executive Board, the Management Council, and the Education and Research Council.

Digital Libraries

Images, reports, documents, news archives of KEK's projects, facilities, and other activities.