開始日時 2022/02/17 10:30
終了日時 2022/02/17 12:00
講演者 高浦 大雅 氏(KEK 理論センター)
会場 Online (Zoom)
連絡先 dote-AT-post.kek.jp
言語 English


We recently proposed new collider experiments using a μ+ beam, utilizing the technology developed for the muon g-2 experiment at J-PARC to realize low emittance. We consider the experiment where the μ+ beam accelerated to 1 TeV collides with the TRISTAN energy (30 GeV) electron beam in the storage ring with the circumference of 3 km, the same size as the TRISTAN ring. The center-of-mass energy amounts to √s=346 GeV. Estimating possible luminosity, we find that the μ+e- collider can be a good Higgs boson factory and precision measurements of Higgs couplings are possible. We also consider a μ+μ+ collider with center-of-mass energy √s=2 TeV using the same ring. As a first study of new physics search, we discuss SUSY particle production processes in these colliders.


arXiv: 2201.06664

Y. Hamada, R. Kitano, R. Matsudo, H. Takaura, M. Yoshida