Thinking about Particle Physics at 10 TeV and above

開始日時 2023/04/04 16:00
終了日時 2023/04/04 17:00
講演者 Prof. Michael E. Peskin (SLAC, Stanford University)
会場 Hybrid (On-site: 研究本館セミナールーム Online: Zoom)
連絡先 愛甲将司 /
言語 English


Particle physicists have become interested in accelerators much more powerful than the LHC, probing energy scales 10 times higher or more. This idea stimulates many questions for which we do not yet know the answers. These questions cover all areas of particle physics from accelerators to theory: (1) What is the motivation for experiments at the 10 TeV scale? Do we really expect to find something beyond the Standard Model? What are the important targets for experiment? (2) How will we do experiments at 10 TeV? Can we simply evolve current experimental concepts? (3) What accelerator technologies will take us to 10 TeV? At this moment, different groups propose proton colliders such as SPPC, muon colliders, and electron and photon colliders. All of these approaches have significant challenges. How close are we to solving them? I do not have good answers to any of these questions, but I will give my perspective.