Invited Seminar: Measurement of the e+e–> pi+pi- cross section with the CMD-3 detector

開始日時 2023/03/17 17:00
終了日時 2023/03/17 18:30
講演者 Dr. Fedor Ignatov (BINP)
会場 Zoom
言語 English


The cross section of the process e+e- -> pi+pi- has been measured in the center of mass energy range from 0.32 to 1.2 GeV with the CMD-3 detector at the electron-positron collider VEPP-2000. The measurement is based on a full dataset collected below 1 GeV during three data taking seasons, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of about 62 pb-1. Numerous self consistency checks have been performed, like the three independent particle separation methods, study of experimental forward-backwards charge asymmetries and etc. In the dominant rho-resonance region, a systematic uncertainty of 0.7% has been obtained.