Invited Seminar: J-PARC E16: Experimental study of in-medium spectral change of vector mesons at J-PARC

開始日時 2022/08/29 16:00
終了日時 2022/08/29 17:30
講演者 Kazuya Aoki (KEK IPNS)
会場 Zoom
言語 English


Spontaneous breaking of the chiral symmetry has been proposed and has revolutionized the understanding of hadron mass.
The realized QCD vacuum affects hadron properties, therefore, if the vacuum changes the hadron changes. The vacuum can be altered by the environment such as temperature and density. It could already be different even at normal nuclear density, which may result in measurable change in hadron mass spectrum.

J-PARC E16 experiment has been proposed to experimentally investigate in-medium spectral change of vector mesons. The E16 dilepton spectrometer is located at the high-momentum beam line of the J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility. The experiment started its commissioning run in 2020. In this seminar, I will report the current status and prospects of the J-PARC E16 experiment.