KEK素粒子原子核研究所・理論セミナー(Dr. Gerco Onderwater )

  • 分類 理論セミナー
  • 開始 2018/03/07(水)17:00
  • 終了 2018/03/07(水)18:00
  • 会場 輪講室345 4号館3階
  • 講演タイトル Lepton Anomalies @ LHCb and elsewhere
  • 講演者 Dr. Gerco Onderwater ( Groningen U. )
  • 言語 英語/English
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There is a wealth of experimental results questioning the deep-rooted assumption of lepton universality in flavour-changing interactions, while at the same time the large LHC experiments, ATLAS and CMS, do not see clear signals of New Physics. Recently several flavour anomalies were reported by the LHCb collaboration and there is the long standing discrepancy of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. At the same time there are ever-more impressive limits on charged lepton flavour violation. A comprehensive overview of how these results were obtained will be presented and their interconnections will be highlighted.