The Planck mission

会場Seminar Hall, Building #4, Tsukuba-campus (MCU 932)
講演タイトル The Planck mission
講演者Jan Tauber (European Space Agency)
連絡先 (4896)


This talk will present an overview of the Planck mission, including a brief outline of its development and of some of the challenges that it presented. I will then review the most recent Planck data and results, with emphasis on polarization. The use of CMB polarization data from Planck confirms the best-fit Lambda-CDM model obtained with Planck temperature-only data, and improves the accuracy with which cosmological parameters are determined. The most recent results based on polarized E-mode and B-mode CMB power spectra at large angular scales have significant implications on our understanding of the epoch of reionization and primordial gravitational waves. If there is time, I will also present some of the latest analysis of polarized diffuse galactic foreground emissions based on Planck data. Both the synchrotron and dust emission maps obtained from Planck reveal new facets of the galactic interstellar medium.