Workshop on hadronic vacuum polarization contributions to muon g-2

会場 Kobayashi Hall, KEK ( Kenkyu-Honkan Building)
連絡先野村 大輔 ( )


The muon g-2 is arguably one of the most important observables in
contemporary particle physics. The long-standing anomaly at the
level of more than 3 standard deviations between the experimental
value and the Standard Model (SM) prediction of the muon g-2 may
indicate the existence of new physics beyond the SM, which has
attracted lots of physicists. The level of the significance may
become even higher in the near future since there are two experiments
in preparation which measure the muon g-2 with unprecedented precision:
one is at Fermilab, and the other at J-PARC, here in Japan. Theoretical
efforts to improve the SM prediction are being made by using various
cutting-edge techniques, which will enhance the reliability of the SM
prediction even further.

The aim of this workshop is to gather those people who are interested
in the field and discuss recent progress, focusing mainly on the hadronic
vacuum polarization contribution, which is the source of the largest
uncertainties in the SM prediction for the muon g-2, and its closely
related areas.