FCC-ee 20 GeV S-Band + C-Band Linac & Damping Ring

会場3 号館 7 階 会議室
講演者Salim Ogur (CERN)
連絡先古川 和朗 (PHS 4316)


The Future Circular e+e- Collider pre-injector chain consists of a 6 GeV S-Band linac, a damping ring at 1.54 GeV and Pre-Booster ring to reach 20 GeV for injection to the main Booster. The electron and positron beams use the same accelerator chain alternatively. The e- beam is generated from a novel low level RF-gun providing 6.5 nC charge at 10 MeV with 0.5 micron geometric emittance by BINP. The e+ beam is produced by the impact of a 4.46 GeV e- beam onto a hybrid target, accelerated in the linac up to 1.54 GeV, and injected to the DR for emittance cooling. Simulations on the performance of the DR are presented for reaching the required equilibrium emittances at the required damping time. As an alternative option, a 20 GeV linac is considered utilising C-Band cavities and simulations studies have been undertaken regarding the beam transport and transmission efficiency up to that energy.