UTokyo and KEK sign MoU to promote Hyper-Kamiokande project T2K Results Restrict Possible Values of Neutrino CP Phase - Published in Nature, the results are a major step forward in the study of difference between matter and antimatter - Belle II explores new "portal" into dark matter - First results from the Belle II Experiment KEK-TRIUMF Exchange Program for Early Career Researchers successfully concluded The Hyper-Kamiokande project is officially approved. Researchers find way to show how the tiniest particles in our Universe saved us from complete annihilation Undergraduate Students from the Radboud University Nijmegen visit KEK and J-PARC Kick-off of the Belle II Phase 3 Physics Run SuperKEKB Phase 3 (Belle II Physics Run) Starts KOTO Experiment at J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility Broke World's Best Sensitivity on Rare Neutral Kaon Decay by an Order of Magnitude - first step forward elucidation of "matter-antimatter asymmetry" - Electrons and Positrons Collide for the first time in the SuperKEKB Accelerator The 7th TYL Science Camp for Japanese Female Students Held at KEK Tsukuba Campus COMET Experimental Group Successfully Extracts a Clean 8GeV Pulsed Proton Beam from J-PARC's 30GeV Main Ring to Hadron Experimental Facility Let's keep an eye on the first collision of the SuperKEKB, the world's most-powerful accelerator ! SuperKEKB accelerator kicks into new gear Israeli Ambassador to Japan Visits KEK Tsukuba Campus for Flag Raising Ceremony Commemorating Israel's Participation as 25th Member Nation of Belle II Experiment 【Belle II】QCS Superconducting Magnets for Final Focusing of e-, e+ Beams Connected to Central Beam Pipes inside Belle II, Remote Vacuum Connection (RVC) Works Successfully