Physics Seminar : The ESS neutrino Super Beam Design Study

CategoryPhysics Seminar
Start2019/06/05(Wed) 4:00 PM
End2019/06/05(Wed) 4:30 PM
VenueMeeting Room 1, 1st Floor, Kenkyu Honkan, Tsukuba-campus [Vidyo Room EXTENSION: 3389]
TitleThe ESS neutrino Super Beam Design Study
SpeakerTord Ekelöf (Uppsala University)
Language英語/English (4941), (2489)


A Design Study is being performed of using the 5 MW the European Spallation Source proton linac, currently under construction in Lund in Sweden, to create a very intense neutrino Super Beam and detect the neutrinos using a Megaton Water Cherenkov detector located at the second neutrino oscillation maximum. The status and future plans of the project will be described and the performance for CP violation discovery and measurement will be presented.