KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Tim Maudlin )

Start2018/11/02(Fri) 3:00 PM
End2018/11/02(Fri) 4:00 PM
VenueKenkyu Honkan 3F Seminar Room
TitleWhat is Wavefunction Realism?
Speaker Prof. Tim Maudlin (New York University)


In the foundations of physics literature, the question is sometimes raised about whether one should--or even can--be a realist about the wavefunction. This query offers two targets for analysis and explication: "realist" and "wavefunction". The first term is used in many different ways, as is the second, and to get down to a non-trivial and sensible question one has to specify exactly what one has in mind. I will argue that given the only sensible and non-trivial way to make a clear question here, the indeed one ought to be a "realist" about the "wavefunction". There never should have been much controversy here, and the recent theorem by Pusey, Barrett and Rudolph settles the issue.