KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Kouji Nakamura)

Start2018/06/07(Thu) 3:00 PM
End2018/06/07(Thu) 4:30 PM
VenueKenkyu-Honkan 3F, Seminar
TitleExtension of the input–output relation for a Michelson interferometer to arbitrary coherent-state light sources: --- Gravitational-wave detector and weak-value amplification ---
SpeakerDr. Kouji Nakamura (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)


An extension of the input-output relation for a conventional Michelson interferometric gravitational-wave detector is carried out to treat an arbitrary coherent state for the injected optical beam. This extension is one of necessary researches toward the clarification of the relation between conventional gravitational-wave detectors and a simple model of a gravitational-wave detector inspired by weak-measurements in [Nishizawa, Phys. Rev. A vol.92 (2015), 032123.]. The derived input-output relation describes not only a conventional Michelson-interferometric gravitational-wave detector but also the situation of weak measurements. As a result, we may say that a conventional Michelson gravitational-wave detector already includes the essence of the weak-value amplification as the reduction of the quantum noise from the light source through the measurement at the dark port.