S-band RF gun based on new type accelerating structure

Start2017/10/26(Thu) 2:00 PM
End2017/10/26(Thu) 3:00 PM
Venue3rd build, 7F, Meeting room.
SpeakerAleksey E. Levichev (BINP)
ContactK.Furukawa (PHS 4316)


For modern colliders the S-band RF gun with high beam charge and quality is necessary. In order to produce such beam the following features of the gun can be useful. High amplitude of the electric field is necessary to accelerate of high beam charge. The more uniform distribution of the accelerating field with low transverse and non-linear components can compensate the beam emittance increasing. The compact focusing system near the beam transmission can provide the small beam size. Different amplitudes of the accelerating fields in the cavities provide the optimal accelerating of the beam. The design of such gun is discussed in the presentation. The gun is based on the so called parallel coupled accelerating structure, which was produced and operating in Budker institute of nuclear physics jointly with Institute chemical kinetics and combustion SB RAS.