Experimental facilities for radiation protection at CERN and their application for Monte Carlo simulation code benchmarks




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Dr. Robert Froeschl (CERN-RP)







The CERN High Energy AcceleRator Mixed Field (CHARM) Facility is situated in the CERN Proton Synchrotron (PS) East Experimental Area. The facility receives a pulsed proton beam from the CERN PS with a beam momentum of 24 GeV/c with 5e11 protons per pulse with a pulse length of 350 ms and with a maximum average beam intensity of 6.7e10 protons per second. The extracted proton beam impacts on a cylindrical target, made of copper or aluminium.
The shielding of the CHARM facility includes the CERN Shielding Benchmark Facility (CSBF) situated laterally above the target that allows deep shielding penetration benchmark studies of various shielding materials.
One week of beam time at the CHARM facility is typically allocated during a normal operational year for radiation benchmark studies. This seminar presents the capabilities of the CHARM facility and the CSBF followed by an overview of benchmarks for Monte Carlo radiation simulation transport codes performed with data from the CHARM facility and the CSBF over the last years. This includes a series of benchmarks for activation inside the CHARM target room, in the shielding structure of the CSBF as well as in the access maze of the CHARM facility. These benchmarks cover high energy neutron reactions, low energy neutron activation and activation in mixed fields and have been performed with the FLUKA and PHITS Monte Carlo codes. Several active measurements will be discussed, including neutron spectra measurements using NE213 scintillators and Bonner spheres as well as ambient dose equivalent measurements.