KEK素粒子原子核研究所 理論セミナー ( 青木 愼也 教授 )


2020/12/09 13:30 – 14:30


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青木 愼也 教授 ( 京都大学  基礎物理学研究所 )






We propose a manifestly covariant definition of a conserved charge in gravity. We first define a charge density from the energy momentum tensor with a Killing vector, if exists in the system, and calculate the energy (and angular momentum) of the black hole by a volume integral. Our definition of energy leads to a correction of the known mass formula of a compact star, which includes the gravitational interaction energy and is shown to be 68% of the leading term in some case. Secondly we propose a new method to define a conserved charge in the absence of Killing vectors, and argue that the conserved charge can be regarded as entropy, by showing the 1st law of thermodynamic for a special case. We apply this new definition to the expanding universe, gravitational plane waves and the black hole. We discuss future directions of our research.