Year 2019

Shaken and stirred: Scientists capture the deformation effect of shock waves on a material The first KEK Scientific Advisory Committee meeting held in Tokyo STF-2 Beam Operation Demonstrates ILC Specifications ILC International Working Group Established -- First Meeting Held in Granada Undergraduate Students from the Radboud University Nijmegen visit KEK and J-PARC To J-PARC Users : Announcement on the suspension of the J-PARC main ring user operation To KEK users: Update on the fire in the accelerator structure assembly room at the electron-positron injector linac building KEK presented its plan for the ILC project in Lausanne To KEK Users: On the fire in the accelerating structure assembly room at the electron-positron injector linac Fire in the accelerator structure assembly room at electron-positron injector linac Kick-off of the Belle II Phase 3 Physics Run ICFA responds to Japan's interest in the International Linear Collider and encourages its realisation School of High Energy Accelerator Science, SOKENDAI and Georgian Technical University signed agreements for a double-degree program MEXT explains its view on the ILC to ICFA The Workshop on Advanced Superconducting Materials and Magnets held at KEK SuperKEKB Phase 3 (Belle II Physics Run) Starts KOTO Experiment at J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility Broke World's Best Sensitivity on Rare Neutral Kaon Decay by an Order of Magnitude - first step forward elucidation of "matter-antimatter asymmetry" - Discovery of abundant ferromanganese microparticles in oxic pelagic sediments: New insights into the global budget of me 2019 New Year's Address Minuscule Gremlins Cause Vacuum Breakdown in Radio-Frequency Accelerating Cavities