2017/12/26TopicsThe Fifth KEK-TRIUMF Scientific Symposium held in Vancouver 2017/11/24Topics【Belle II Experiment】Preparation for Commissioning in Full Swing after Successful BEAST Detector Installation 2017/11/13Topics【BelleⅡ】The Test of the BEAST Detector System Started 2017/10/16TopicsFrench Ambassador Visits KEK Tsukuba to Attend a Ceremony of Raising French National Flag, Commemorating 24th National Participation in BelleⅡ 2017/10/11Press releaseStudy of ultrafast electron dynamics in twisted multilayer graphene using femtosecond photoemission electron microscopy 2017/10/10TopicsLab. Tour of KEK by attendance of International Joint symposium of 3rd Innovative Measurement and Analysis for Structural Materials and TIA-Fraunhofer workshop 2017/10/10TopicsJENNIFER Consortium General Meeting Held in KEK, Tsukuba, Japan Attended by 40 Researchers from 12 Nations 2017/09/29TopicsThe IHEP-KEK 2017 Collaboration Meeting held in Tsukuba 2017/09/08TopicsThe President of INFN in Italy Visit KEK Tsukuba to Discuss the Current and Future Collaboration 2017/08/24Press releaseThe Candidate of KEK Director General for the next term 2017/08/08Press releaseT2K presents hint of CP violation by neutrinos 2017/08/04InfoKEK will be closed from August 11 to August 16 for summer holidays 2017/06/14InfoRequest for Nomination for the next Director of J-PARC Center 2017/04/11Press releaseThe Belle II detector was "rolled-in" to the collision point of the SuperKEKB accelerator 2017/03/23TopicsProf. Fumihiko Takasaki received the Japan Academy Prize from the Japan Academy 2017/03/01TopicsCall for Nomination for Next Director-General of KEK 2017/02/02TopicsPublication Of A New Belle II Introduction Movie 2017/01/10Topics2017 New Year's Address