J-PARC素粒子原子核セミナー (Dr. Xing Fan)

会場Room 227, KEK Tokai building #1 (Tokai Campus)
講演タイトルTowards an improved electron and positron magnetic moment measurement as a test of the Standard Model and CPT symmetry
講演者樊 星(Dr. Xing Fan), Harvard Univ.
連絡先satoshi.mihara@kek.jp , osamu.morimatsu@kek.jp , kazuya.aoki@kek.jp


The measurement of the electron magnetic moment is the most precise test of the Standard Model, with precision of 0.28 ppt. A new Penning trap apparatus has been constructed and is being tested with an aspiration of improving the electron magnetic moment measurement precision by a factor of 10. Positrons will now be loaded into the trap to allow for a more precise measurement of the positron magnetic moment which we aspire to improve by a factor of 150. A direct comparison of these two measurements allows for the most precise test of CPT symmetry for the light leptons. In addition, these measurements, combined with the standard model, result in a precise determination of the fine structure constant. Recently, the apparatus has been moved to the new Center for Fundamental Physics at Northwestern University where setup is complete. Further developments and progress on the experiment will be presented.