講演者Brandon R. Weatherford (TID RFAR Acc Technolog& Researcher), Mamdouh Nasr (PhD学生)
連絡先肥後 寿泰 (PHS 4196)


Speaker 1: Brandon R. Weatherford

Title: Recent R&D Efforts in RF Accelerator Technologies in TID, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Abstract:The Technology Innovation Directorate (TID) was established at SLAC with themission of leveraging our expertise in RF accelerators, computation, anddetectors to develop new application spaces for these technologies. Here, Iwill present an overview of ongoing TID efforts in three areas: powerconversion (the GREEN-RF inverse Marx power recovery topology), highefficiency RF sources (the COM X-band klystron design study for CLIC), andcompact high gradient accelerators (mm-wave and THz structure developments).

Speaker 2: Mamdouh Nasr

Title: Research activities at SLAC on Normal Conducting RF Accelerators

Abstract:In this talk I will present results and new concepts being explored at SLACfor high-gradient RF accelerators. This work is driven by recent experimentson breakdown physics, hard materials, and in new temperature and frequencyregimes that indicate the potential for significant improvements inperformance. In addition, multi-frequency operation of acceleratingstructures is being explored for its potential to provide reduced powerrequirements and break conventional performance limits set bysurface-fields. Efforts toward realizing the testing of X-band distributedcoupling structures at cryogenic temperatures are ongoing and will also bepresented.