KEK素粒子原子核研究所・理論セミナー/Dr.Wen Yin

会場Seminar room 1, Kenkyu-Honkan
講演タイトルHiggs-Anomaly Mediation: a simple setup with interesting phenomena and flavor safety
講演者 Dr. Wen Yin (IHEP Chinese Academy of Sciences)
連絡先Sung Hak Lim/


Abstract :
We consider a simple setup, called Higgs-Anomaly mediation, where all the multiplets in the MSSM except for the Higgs multiplets are sequestered from SUSY breaking, but the Higgs multiplets couple to through Planck-suppressed operators. In this setup, the splitting mass spectra of squarks and sleptons are generated through radiative corrections: anomaly mediation and a kind of Higgs mediation. Despite the stop masses greater than order 10 TeV favored by the measured mass of the Higgs boson, sfermions in first two generations can be sufficiently light to be searched for and tested in the LHC, and affect low energy phenomena in ground-based experiments. There are viable regions explaining muon g-2 anomaly, and bottom-tau and top-bottom-tau Yukawa unifications. These regions are testable from the viewpoint of collider experiments. Surprisingly, despite the splitting mass spectra, there are suppressed flavor-violating processes. In fact, the contribution to epsilon_K is constrained most severely. However, we show that this contribution is at most around 20% of the experimental value and is safely within the theoretical uncertainty of the SM.