KEK IPNS Cosmophysics Seminar(Prof. Kenji Toma)

CategoryCosmophysics Seminar
Start2019/08/29(Thu) 5:00 PM
End2019/08/29(Thu) 6:30 PM
VenueKenkyu Honkan 3F, Conference Room
TitleTheoretical Interpretation of the M87 black hole shadow imaged by EHT
SpeakerProf. Kenji Toma (Tohoku University)
ContactSai Wang/


The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) observed the central compact radio source of the elliptical galaxy M87 at 1.3mm with unprecedented angular resolution, and on April 10, 2019, the EHT Collaboration reported the asymmetric ring-like image reconstructed from the data. We generated a theoretical model image library of magnetohydrodynamic simulations and photon ray tracing calculations in the steady rotating black hole spacetime with broad ranges of parameter values to compare the observed data with the models. As a result, we confirmed that the asymmetric ring is consistent with strong gravitational lensing and Doppler beaming of synchrotron emission from a hot plasma orbiting near the supermassive black hole event horizon. In this seminar, we mainly review our theoretical interpretation, shown in the EHT Collaboration paper V. This time EHT did not have sufficient number of stations for detecting extended emission component such as the jet and accretion flow. We try to discuss how to identify the driving mechanism of the jet in M87 with next EHT observations.