Year 2015

2015-04-23     Sensor-device development & microscopy 2015-04-27     Gravitational effects on inflaton decay 2015-04-28     Understanding Heavy QuarkAntiQuark System by Perturbative QCD 2015-05-01     The credibility of SUSY phenomenology : some silver linings 2015-05-07     The new results from Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) 2015-05-12     Theory Seminar 2015-05-18     First result of the muon antineutrino disappearance by T2K 2015-05-21     Theory Seminar 2015-05-22     IMSS Colloquium "From sundials to optical lattice clocks" 2015-05-26     Theory Seminar 2015-05-28     A Two Particle Model for Study of Effects of Space-Charge Force on Beam Instabilities. 2015-06-02     Theory Seminar 2015-06-05     KCG Seminar - Channeling electrons and positrons at SLAC 2015-06-09     Theory Seminar 2015-06-11     IMSS Seminar (15-02) Development of X-ray diffraction technique to capture even one valence electron and its application to orbitally ordered YTiO3. 2015-06-16     Theory Seminar 2015-06-22     21st Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) 2015-06-23     Theory Seminar 2015-06-30     Theory Seminar /Takeuchi 2015-07-06     Spinfest 2015 2015-07-06     Theory Seminar/Nishi 2015-07-07     Theory Seminar/Yoshida 2015-07-07     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Dr. Ralitsa Sharankova ) 2015-07-08     Theory Seminar/Ishida 2015-07-16     IMSS Seminar (15-05)Exploration for anti-enterovirus compounds and identification/analysis on its direct target PI4KB/OSBP pathway 2015-07-17     IMSS Seminar (15-04) 2015-07-21     Theory Seminar/Hirai 2015-07-22     Paricle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC 2015-07-22     Theory Seminar/Sharama 2015-07-22     Theory Seminar/Patella 2015-07-24     Theory Seminar/Kou 2015-07-28     Theory Seminar/Schmitz 2015-07-28     Theory Seminar/Ooya 2015-07-28     Theory Seminar/Rinaldi 2015-08-04     Accelerator Seminar - A design of beam optics for FCC-ee 2015-08-20     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC 2015-08-21     Theory Seminar/Sommer 2015-08-25     Theory Seminar/Matsuo 2015-09-04     Theory Seminar/Weiland 2015-09-11     IMSS Seminar 15-07 2015-09-25     Theory Seminar/Vaidman 2015-09-27     Theory Seminar/Vaidman 2015-09-28     IMSS Seminar (15-08) 2015-09-28     IMSS Colloquium "High-throughput crystallography for drug discovery" 2015-09-30     DTP Seminar/Prof. Susanna Guatelli, Prof. Marco Petasecca 2015-10-06     HEAP 2015 2015-10-06     Theory Seminar/Ishiwata 2015-10-09     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof. Khaled Teilab) 2015-10-13     Theory Seminar/Enomoto 2015-10-14     Theory Seminar/Nakama 2015-10-14     IMSS Seminar (15-09) Ultrafast bi-directional insulator-metal phase switching by tuning carrier coherence in cuprate ladder system 2015-10-15     IMSS Collquium "To be as a "Must-Have" Facility for Society" 2015-10-15     Accl. and CSC Seminar "LHC present status and future plans" 2015-10-27     Status of the CEPC accelerator physics study 2015-10-29     Theory Seminar/Modak 2015-10-30     Theory Seminar(Dr. Christopher Kelly) 2015-11-04     IMSS Seminar (15-10) A Brief History of Macromolecular Crystallography 2015-11-09     EUV lithography, status and opportunities 2015-11-10     Theory Seminar (Dr. Makoto Takamoto) 2015-11-12     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof.B.Lee Roberts) 2015-11-17     CSR radiation and wake problems in free-electron laser LCLS-II at SLAC 2015-11-17     Theory Seminar 2015-11-19     SuperKEKB Injector Laser Photo-Cathode RF Gun Review/workshop 2015-11-24     Beam dynamics and measurements of the e- linac for HUST THz-FEL source 2015-11-24     Theory Seminar (Prof. Nobuchika Okada) 2015-12-01     KEK Theory Workshop 2015 Dec 2015-12-04     "Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility" and "Taiwan Photon Source" 2015-12-08     Theory Seminar (Dr. Takuya Kanazawa) 2015-12-15     Theory Seminar (Dr. Kei Yagyu) 2015-12-16     Theory Seminar(Dr. Masato Nozawa) 2015-12-17     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Nilakash Sorokhaibam)