J-PARC加速器セミナー Simulating space weather with accelerators


2023/11/08 14:00 – 15:00


J-PARC制御棟打ち合わせ室 + Zoom


Dr. Kevin Brown, BNL





冨澤 正人 (PHS 4782)


With commercial companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin contracting to send satellites and even tourists into space, we are seeing the beginnings of a new space age. This time we are seeing commercialization and development of a space economy. There are many projects being discussed, including a moon base, more space telescopes, more robotic probes that will explore for possible signs of life on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and even companies that want to mine asteroids. The problem we face is these probes and other systems are packing more complex electronics on them and once beyond the Earth’s protective environment they are susceptible to disruption and even failure from radiation in space. In this talk I will describe the sources of this radiation, how we can use accelerators to simulate space weather for testing electronics before deploying, efforts to expand the workforce for designing and testing electronics for space, and current and future testing facilities. I will highlight the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory, which has been simulating space weather for radiobiology experiments for many years and recently for electronics. I will also describe a proposed new facility to be built from BNL’s AGS.