Exploring the dynamics of gauge theories via AMSB




Hybrid (On-site: 研究本館セミナールーム Online: Zoom)


Prof. Csaba Csaki (Cornell U)





愛甲将司 / maiko-AT-post.kek.jp


Finding the vacuum structure and the low energy effective Lagrangian of strongly coupled gauge theories is one of the important unsolved questions in particle physics. Within supersymmetric (SUSY) theories many of these questions have been largely resolved in the 1990’s following the work of Seiberg and others, however so far we have not been able to convincingly connect these results to their non-supersymmetric counterparts. Recently Murayama proposed to use anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking (AMSB) to introduce the SUSY breaking terms which allows finding results consistent with the qualitative expectations for the structure of the non-SUSY theories. In this talk I first show how what the resulting phase structure of the QCD-like theories obtained from perturbing SUSY QCD via AMSB is, and that the expected vauca with chiral symmetry breaking are present for any number of flavors F< 3N at least as local minima. I then discuss the resulting chiral Lagrangian for the light Goldstone bosons in these models, and examine the large N limit of the eta’ mass generation mechanism. We confirm Witten’s picture of several branches of vacua as a function of the theta parameters for fixed number of flavors.
However, for F~N we find that in some situations the vacuum energy as a function of theta might be smooth without any phase transitions, corresponding to an instanton generated potential.
If time allows I will also comment on applying AMSB to find novel vacua of chiral gauge theories as well as monopole condensation as the origin of confinement for the SO(N) series.