KEK Theory Workshop 2022


2022/12/07 09:00 – 2022/12/09 17:30




Invited speakers




KEK Theory Workshop is an annual workshop on string theory and quantum field theory. Since KEK Theory Workshop 2014, it has been held as an international workshop. Speakers are invited from abroad as well as from Japan, and all talks are given in English.

We hope the workshop provides a valuable opportunity to have active discussions and inspiration on various fundamental problems in theoretical physics related to superstrings, supersymmetric gauge theories, black hole physics, quantum field theories, condensed matter physics, and so on.

This year, in the light of COVID-19, we have decided to hold the workshop ONLINE from Dec. 7 (Wed.) to Dec. 9 (Fri.) in JST (UTC+9). Each day, we will put a special emphasis on a topic that attracts great interest these days. The topics and invited speakers are:

Dec. 7 (Wed.): Non-invertible symmetries
Yuya Tanizaki (YITP) [Introductory talk]
Kantaro Ohmori (U. of Tokyo)
Satoshi Yamaguchi (Osaka U.)
Dec. 8 (Thu.): New approaches to overcome the sign problem in numerical methods
Masafumi Fukuma (Kyoto U.) [Introductory talk]
Daisuke Kadoh (Doshisha U.)
Jun Nishimura (KEK)
Dec. 9 (Fri.): Quantum aspects of gravity and black holes
Suvrat Raju (ICTS) [Introductory talk]
Masahiro Hotta (Tohoku U.)
Robert Wald (U. of Chicago)
Afternoon of all days: String model building without supersymmetry
Alon Faraggi (U. of Liverpool) [Introductory talk] ― Dec. 7 (Wed.) 17:00 –
Hervé Partouche (Ecole Polytech.) ― Dec. 8 (Thu.) 17:00 –
Yuji Sugawara (Ritsumeikan U.) ― Dec. 9 (Fri.) 13:00 –
We will also have short talks with (15+5) minutes. Participants can apply for the talk at the registration. The topics to be discussed in the short talks can be chosen from field theory and string theory, and need not be related to the topic of the invited talks. If there are too many applicants, we will have to make some selection. Some of the talks may be given in parallel sessions.