Path forward for high Q0 and Eacc SRF technology


2022/10/17 13:00 – 14:00


3号館7階会議室 + Zoom


Ganapati Myneni氏(J-LAB,International Symposium On Hydrogen In Matter (ISOHIM) & BSCE System, Inc.)





道園 真一郎(PHS 4641)


KEK played a very important key role in the advancement of SRF technology thus far by developing and promoting crucial electropolishing and centrifugal barrel polishing techniques. The other critical processes include ultra-pure water high pressure rinsing that helped to obtain the present-day good performance with the SRF niobium cavities.
In this presentation, I will first briefly look back at the contamination control aspects that are very critical to achieve and maintain high performance SRF cavity structures in accelerator systems. Additionally, let us review the niobium production technologies namely fine grain (FG), medium grain (MG) & large grain (LG) and pros and cons of choosing best one of them to produce cost effective and high-performance accelerator structures for science frontiers as well as industrial applications.
Finally, the performance limiting hydrogen problem/issue in the current SRF technology need to be carefully evaluated, scientific approaches have to be invented and implemented to achieve the required Eacc and Q0. KEK is in an advantageous and envious position to lead the worlds SRF community to greater heights.