Classical solutions of pre-gravity theory in the IKKT matrix model


2022/03/04 10:00 – 11:00 


Online (Zoom)


浅野 侑磨 氏 (筑波大学)





IKKT matrix model, proposed as a non-perturbative formulation of type IIB superstring theory, has a rich structure even at a classical level. While the degrees of freedom of strings are considered to be implemented in the matrices of the theory, their exact interpretation has not been fully understood yet. In this talk, I will review the interpretation of the matrices in which the gravitational degrees of freedom appear as vielbeins of the Weitzenboeck connection in a nearly commutative limit (so called the semi-classical limit). In the interpretation, Einstein’s equations appear as a one-loop effect while the classical equations of motion of the matrix model can be interpreted as “pre-gravity.” I will explain the pre-gravity theory and show its gravitational solutions.