SBRC Cryo-EM International Seminar No.12

開始日時 2022/07/01 13:00
終了日時 2022/07/01 14:30
講演者 Dr. Daisuke Kihara, Purdue University, USA
会場 CryoEM-Lab KEK and オンライン(Zoom)
連絡先 cmasuda(at)
言語 English


Protein structure modeling and model quality assessment for cryo-EM density maps using deep learning
Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has become one of the main experimental methods for determining protein structures. In cryo-EM, protein structure modeling is in general more difficult than X-ray crystallography as the resolution of maps is often not high enough to specify atom positions. We have been developing computational methods for modeling protein structures from cryo-EM maps determined at a medium resolution. For maps at medium resolution, it turned out that deep learning can provide useful structure information for modeling. In this seminar, we present deep learning application in protein structure modeling and protein model quality assessment for cryo-EM. All the tools we developed are available at