Target space entanglement in quantum mechanics of fermions and matrices

開始日時 2021/10/20 11:00
終了日時 2021/10/20 12:00
講演者 杉下 宗太郎 氏 (名古屋大学)
会場 Online (Zoom)
言語 English


I will introduce the notion of target space entanglement. Quantum entanglement is closely related to the structure of spacetime in quantum gravity. For quantum field theories or statistical models, we usually consider the base space entanglement. However, target space instead of base space sometimes directly connects to our spacetime, for example, perturbative string theories. We thus need target space entanglement. To define the target space entanglement, we have to generalize the definition of the conventional entanglement entropy. I will explain this generalization and apply it to the first quantized particles, in particular, fermions.