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Postdoctoral Fellow



Applied Research Laboratory

Computing Research Center of Applied Research Laboratory provides computing resources and technical support for KEK users, and also conducts R&D on the computational/information technologies related to accelerator science (research fields using accelerators) to which the successful candidate is expected to contribute. The R&D subjects include hardware/software development of distributed computing, computer simulation, large scale computing, data acquisition and data analysis.

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Assistant Professor



Institute of Materials Structure Science

The Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS) is affiliated to KEK and acts as an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation to promote interdisciplinary and complementary use of four types of quantum beams (synchrotron radiation (SR), neutron, muon and positron) in materials and life sciences research. The IMSS is seeking an outstanding young scientist for the Muon Science Laboratory (KEK-MSL). The succesful candidate will be actively involved in the following scientific programs in collaboration with KEK-MSL staff, at the KEK TOKAI campus.

1) Atomic physics and related sciences using negative muons (muonic atom, muonic X-ray spectroscopy, etc.)

2) Development of muon beamline (Ultra Slow Muon, High intensity Muon beam) and related techniques at J-PARC MUSE.

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Assistant Professor



Institute of Materials Structure Science

The Institute of Materials Structure Science promotes extensive and crosscut use of four types of quantum beams, synchrotron radiation (SR) , neutron, muon, and positron, in materials and life sciences. The successful candidate will join the Electronic Structure Group of the Photon Factory (PF) and the Condensed Mater Research Center to promote the material science for innovative next-generation electronic devices under the element strategy project. He/She will be engaged in developing the high performance beamlines and instruments with high brightness insertion devices at PF related to VUV-light and soft X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in collaboration with the PF staff. He/She is also expected to investigate the electronic structures of functional oxides and related materials using in situ SR-based photoelectron spectroscopy.

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YITP: KOUBO offered in Theoretical Physics
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IPNS : Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies
IMSS : Institute of Materials Structure Science
- PF : Photon Factory
- KENS : Neutron Science Laboratory
- MSL : Muon Science Laboratory
ACCL : Accelerator Laboratory
ARL : Applied Research Laboratory
PARC : J-PARC Project Office
PRO : Public Relations Office

Non - Regular

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Researcher 1

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