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Lab Tour

KEK is open for all people interested in science. No special knowledge of physics is required. Enjoy the world of the cutting-edge science and technology !

Visit Time

Weekday (Mon. – Fri.) 09:30〜12:00/ 13:00〜17:00


Group of 10 or more



Communication Plaza

You can learn about the cutting-edge research taking place at the KEK. No reservation is required to visit KEK Communication Plaza.
Located at Tsukuba Campus, KEK Communication Plaza will makes everybody to feel closer to the world of mysterious universe with many interactive exhibits include brand-new “Wonder Quark,” which you can experience the world of smallest particles.
※ All displays are available in Japanese only. Some English theater contents are available. Please contact Public Relations Office for more information.

KEK Openhouse

Every summer KEK holds an open house event, showcasing the laboratories and research facilities that are not normally open at the public visit.
There will be lectures by the researchers who work at KEK, and fun physics activities highlighting the exciting work that takes place at this state of the art accelerator science laboratory.
The lectures will be given in Japanese only, however there will be opportunities during the activities to ask questions and speak with some of the researchers in English.

Updated 2024/03/11