Industry Collaboration

Returning the Results and Technologies to Society

KEK considers it a primary social mission to return to society the results and technologies of basic research and the development and research of related technologies. KEK conducts research and development in accelerators, instrumentation, IT, precision machining, radiological defence, and materials. Many of the cutting-edge technologies developed here benefit society greatly.

In addition, we conduct joint research with universities and companies to develop new materials and drugs. We also promote licensing of intellectual property and other measures to ensure that the results of our study are effectively used in the real world and are open to industry-academia collaboration and joint research.

We welcome your inquiries and proposals.

General Inquiry on Industry Collaboration

Forming and supporting a consortium of universities and business alliances, KEK will establish various cooperative systems among related organizations and promote development from seeds to needs in an industry-academia collaboration using KEK’s research infrastructure and methods.

How to Conduct Joint Research

As an inter-university research institute, KEK provides researchers from universities across the country with a place to conduct research using large-scale equipment related to high-energy accelerators free of charge. All experiments for joint use are open to the public.

Wondering the Possibilities of Accelerator Applications

Superconducting accelerators are compact, can generate high-intensity beams with low power loss, and are expected to lead to innovative advances in industrial applications. We will promote the development of elemental technologies, research and development of demonstration machines, and the practical application of accelerators for industrial use.

Using Synchrotron Radiation in Business

Based on our synchrotron radiation and accelerator technology and research results in a wide range of fields, we provide a place where researchers from industry, government, and academia can come together. Everyone in the industry can use synchrotron radiation in a form that suits their needs. We help make it available.

Interested in Other Quantum Beams

We have established a quantum beam collaborative research project that can contribute to innovation by taking advantage of the merits of the IMSS, which is a unique research institute in the world that is equipped with four quantum beams: synchrotron radiation, neutrons, muons, and slow positrons, and are collaborating with industry, academia, and government.

Exploring Collaborations that Lead to Drug Discovery

Knowing the “shapes” of living organisms’ parts is essential to understanding how they work. This knowledge is extremely useful for drug discovery. We conduct research by fully using X-ray crystal structure analysis, small-angle X-ray scattering, and cryo-electron microscopy, which are used by many pharmaceutical companies.

Wondering the Possibilities of Quantum Sensors

This is a new research center developing new “eyes” that will revolutionize measurements in space observations and particle experiments. The center’s activities range from developing theories for new quantum field sensors to developing integrated circuits and systems that use these sensors and implementing them in space and particle research projects as well as in society.

Updated 2024/03/12