Accelerator projects and development of the accelerator technology

開始2020/02/21 (金) 15:30
終了2020/02/21 (金) 16:30
会場3 号館 7 階 会議室
講演者Alexander "Sasha" Novokhatski (SLAC)
連絡先古川 和朗 (PHS 4316)


We present the experience of development of the accelerator technologies for accelerator projects, we were lucky to be involved in. They include Linear Colliders (VLEPP, TESLA), B-factories (PEP-II B-factory), X-ray FELs (LCLS) and Future Circular Colliders (FCC, eRHIC).

Every new accelerator project needs a development of new accelerator technologies in order to challenge much higher requirements coming from thehigh energy physics theories. It can be more energy of the accelerating particles or higher luminosity of the colliding beams or both requirements for the future colliders. A high current beam must also have very small emittance. All possible instabilities must be damped. And the history of the accelerator projects shows a great progress. New methods for dampinginstabilities, new colliding schemes and new accelerator elements. Now the beams can be accelerating at higher gradients, can have high current and extremely small emittance. The bunches can have extremely small length. Great progress with the beam diagnostic leads to much stable operation ofthe machines.

Electromagnetic interaction of the high current beam with the accelerator environment becomes very important. Careful study of this interaction in accelerators will help not only to understand the possible beam limits but also show a new possibility to achieve much higher beam parameters.