Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. Hiroki Matsui)

CategoryCosmophysics Seminar
Start2019/05/28(Tue) 3:30 PM
End2019/05/28(Tue) 4:30 PM
Venueonline seminar (Zoom)
TitleSwampland Constraints on No-Boundary Quantum Cosmology
SpeakerDr. Hiroki Matsui (KEK)


The Hartle-Hawking no-boundary proposal describes quantum creation of the universe from “nothing” with geometry of zero size. We will demonstrate the incompatibility of the no-boundary proposal and the Swampland conjectures such as (refined) dS conjecture and distance conjecture. When we take the (refined) dS conjecture seriously, even the classical universe (more precisely, the saddle-point solution) is not guaranteed. Even if we somehow relax the conjectures to be consistent with the inflationary paradigm, the probability of the classical inflationary universe is negligibly small and not consistent with our observations.