KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Axel Perez-Obiol)

CategoryTheory Seminar
Start2020/02/28(Fri) 2:00 PM
End2020/02/28(Fri) 3:00 PM
Venue Kenkyu Honkan 3F Seminar Room 322
TitleCoulomb 1D problem with general connection condition at the origin and non-Rydberg spectra
Speaker Dr. Axel Perez-Obiol ( Kochi Univ. of Technology)


We consider the solution of the quantum Coulomb problem in one dimension with the most general connection condition at the origin. The divergence of the derivative of the wave function at the origin invalidates the standard current conservation approach. We explore two approaches, Wronskian self-adjoint extension method and cutoff regularization method, and establish their mutual relations, thereby clarifying the physical contents of the connection parameters. We show how to realize exotic non-Loudon connection conditions, entailing the realization of non-Rydberg spectrum.