Induced QCD

開始日時 2023/04/05 14:00
終了日時 2023/04/05 15:00
講演者 Prof. Tilo Wettig (University of Regensburg)
会場 ハイブリッド:研究本館 セミナールーム、オンライン(Zoom)
連絡先 Protic Mohanta /
言語 English


We explore an alternative discretization of continuum SU($N_c$) Yang-Mills theory on a Euclidean spacetime lattice, originally introduced by Budzcies and Zirnbauer. In this discretization the self-interactions of the gauge field are induced by a path integral over $N_b$ auxiliary boson fields, which are coupled linearly to the gauge field. The main progress compared to earlier approaches is that $N_b$ can be as small as $N_c$. We show analytically and numerically that the continuum limit of the new discretization reproduces Yang-Mills theory and perform a perturbative calculation to match the bare parameter of the induced gauge theory to the standard lattice coupling. We also explore the possibility to integrate out the gauge fields to arrive at a dual formulation of lattice QCD.