Core-collapse Supernovae as Laboratories for Axion-like Particles

開始日時 2023/01/31 11:00
終了日時 2023/01/31 12:00
講演者 森 寛治 氏( 福岡大学 )
会場 ハイブリッド:研究本館 セミナー室、Zoom
連絡先 浦川 優子 /
言語 English


Axion-like particles (ALPs) are a class of hypothetical pseudoscalar particles which feebly interact with ordinary matter. The hot plasma in core-collapse supernovae is a possible laboratory to explore physics beyond the standard model including ALPs. Once produced in a supernova, a part of the ALPs can be absorbed by the supernova matter and affect energy transfer. We recently calculated the ALP emission in core-collapse supernovae and the backreaction on supernova dynamics consistently. It is found that the stalled bounce shock can be revived even in one-dimensional models if the coupling between ALPs and photons is as high as g_{a gamma} ~ 10^{-9} GeV^{-1} and the ALP mass is 40-400 MeV. In addition, we found that the explosion energy of supernovae can be increased by the ALP heating. This implies that ALPs can be a key to reproduce 10^51 erg explosion.