The muon g-2 and lattice QCD hadronic vacuum polarization may point to new, long-lived neutral hadrons

開始日時 2023/01/16 16:30
終了日時 2023/01/16 17:30
講演者 Prof. Glennys Farrar (New York University)
会場 Room.345 in bldg.4-go-kan + Zoom
言語 日本語


The experimental value the muon g-2 is 4.2 sigma larger than the Standard Model prediction, when the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution (HVP) is determined from the measured R-ratio. At the same time, the HVP calculated in lattice QCD also significantly exceeds the measured R-ratio value. A review of existing e+e experiments reveals that the contribution of certain types of hadronic final states would not have been counted, due to the event selection and trigger requirements of experiments to date. We further show that the lattice HVP and g-2 discrepancies can be naturally explained by an undetected contribution to e+e—> hadrons from production of previously unidentified neutral, long-lived hadrons. We suggest potential candidates for the new hadrons and propose several experimental tests. There are favorable cosmological and astrophysical impacts of Dark Matter having hadronic interactions, which will be discussed as time permits.