Searching for high-frequency GWs with axion haloscopes

開始日時 2023/01/17 11:00
終了日時 2023/01/17 12:00
講演者 Dr. Valerie Domcke ( CERN )
会場 Hybrid (On-site: 研究本館セミナールーム Online: Zoom)
連絡先 愛甲将司 /
言語 English


Gravitational waves (GWs) generate oscillating electromagnetic effects in the vicinity of external electric and magnetic fields. I will discuss this phenomenon with a particular focus on reinterpreting the results of axion haloscopes based on lumped-element detectors, which probe GWs in the 100 kHz–100 MHz range. Measurements from ABRACADABRA and SHAFT already place bounds on GWs, although the present strain sensitivity is weak. However, the sensitivity scaling with the volume of such instruments is significant—faster than for axions—and so rapid progress will be made in the future. I will discuss opportunities at future facilities with a focus on the DMRadio program.