[EX] (Part I) Hadron-hadron interactions from Lattice QCD

開始日時 2021/07/01 16:00
終了日時 2021/07/01 18:00
講演者 土井 琢身 氏
会場 Online (Zoom)
連絡先 dote-AT-post.kek.jp
言語 English


In this talk, I review the first-principles calculations of hadron-hadron interactions from lattice QCD.
I introduce a theoretical framework, HAL QCD method, where it is shown that the notion of potential can be rigorously introduced/calculated as a representation of the S-matrix of QCD. Recent numerical results are presented, in particular, for hyperon forces obtained near the physical point. The physical implications for exotic dibaryons, hyper-nuclei, equation of state of high dense matter and the structure of neutron stars are also discussed and future prospects will be given.

This time, the EX seminar contains two talks. The first talk (Part I) is given by Prof. Takumi Doi, and then the second talk (Part II) is given by Prof. Akira Ohnishi.
Since both talks are related to each other, we recommend you to listen to both talks, if possible.