SOI(silicon-on-insulator) pixel project

A new technology of the silicon-on-insulator(SOI) pixel is revolutionary, changing the way some types of the particle and photon sensors.

Purpose and Vision

The Silicon-On-Insulator(SOI) pixel R&D team aims to develop high-resolution, intelligent pixel detectors by integrating radiation sensors and LSI circuits inside a monolithic chip.


To develop many types of detectors designed by collaborating institutes, we have been operating SOI multi-project wafer (MPW) runs.

We developed double SOI wafers and processing technologies. To solve the remaining SOI pixel technology issues such as radiation hardness and crosstalk between the sensors and circuits, another Si conduction layer between sensor and circuit were successfully added. Thus far, the results from the processed double SOI wafer have been very good.

Figure 1 shows an X-ray image taken by the SOI pixel sensor for a stent wire used in coronary arteries. Since the stent wire is very difficult to see during the insertion inside the human body, identification of the stent position is highly desired by doctors.

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