Physics seminar

  • 分類 物理セミナー
  • 開始 2016/04/06(水)10:30
  • 終了 2016/04/06(水)12:00
  • 会場 Building 4 seminar hall, Tsukuba campus (MCU# 195)
  • 講演タイトル CMS recent physics highlights, status and phase 2 upgrades
  • 講演者 Marc Besancon (TYL, CEA/IRFU)
  • 言語 英語/English
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  • 食堂・売店 利用予定なし/0


In this talk, I will first discuss some highlights on recent physics results from the CMS experiment. The CMS detector status in terms of detector commissioning and readiness for 2016 data taking will then be briefly summarized. Finally, I will describe the CMS phase 2 upgrades plans for the HL-LHC.