Recent Developments in BNL Direct Wind Magnet Production

CategoryACC Seminar
Start2020/02/06 (Thu) 3:30 PM
End2020/02/06 (Thu) 5:00 PM
VenueKEKB control building, Meeting room
SpeakerBrett Parker (Superconducting Magnet Division, BNL)
ContactN.Ohuchi (PHS 4450)


BNL Direct Wind magnet technology allows winding complex, multi-layer NbTi superconducting coil configurations under computer control by first bonding superconducting wire or cable in the desired pattern to a support tube and then using a combination of epoxy and fiberglass wrap to provide coil prestress against magnetic forces. Without the need of traditional collars, such coils are radially compact and do not need collar presses or other special assembly tooling and can naturally accommodate multiple coil multipolarities in a common coil package. The HERA-II, BEPC-II, ILC R&D Interaction Region (IR) magnets, multiple generations of ALPHA anti-hydrogen traps, a BNL biomedical insert magnet, JPARC external beamline correctors and SuperKEKB correctors magnets all used Direct Wind. Presently we are developing Direct Wind NbTi active shield coils for a high-gradient Nb3Sn R&D quadrupole and a constant gradient tapered coil quadrupole for an Electron Ion Collider at BNL and are presently considering possible Direct Wind coil applications relevant to both the future Crab Waist sextupoles and the dipole replacement spin rotators for SuperKEKB. After a brief review of previous projects, we will report on these recent developments and future prospects for BNL Direct Wind.