Applied Research Laboratory

The Applied Research Laboratory provides high-level engineering support for research projects that use large accelerators. We perform fundamental research on radiation and environmental safety, computers, superconductivity and cryogenics, ultra-high precision mechanical technology and any other field required to support the researchers who use our facilities, as well as initiating our own research. We perform operational and maintenance work on radiation and environmental safety, computers and networks, we supply liquid helium, and our machine shop uses state-of-the-art technology. To provide these research and development services, four centers are available.

Applied Research Laboratory

Director : Shinichi Sasaki
Officel : Tel 029-864-5451 Fax 029-864-4051

Radiation Science Center

Head : Yoshihito Namito
Officel : Tel 029-864-5495 Fax 029-864-1993

Computing Research Center

Head : Atsushi Manabe
Officel : Tel 029-864-5472 Fax 029-864-4402

Cryogenics Science Center

Head : Toru Ogitsu
Officel : Tel 029-864-5460 Fax 029-864-4051

Mechanical Engineering Center

Head : Masashi Yamanaka
Officel : Tel 029-864-5767 Fax 029-864-5590