Invited Seminar: The global SMEFT fit at e+e- Higgs factories

開始2020/06/12 (金) 16:00
終了2020/06/12 (金) 17:30
講演タイトルInvited Seminar: The global SMEFT fit at e+e- Higgs factories
講演者Junping Tian (ICEPP, The University of Tokyo)
連絡先Katsuro Nakamura (2489)


The SMEFT provides a theoretically sound framework for studying the Higgs boson properties at future e+e- Higgs factories. All the Higgs couplings can be determined in a nearly model-independent way. One feature about the SMEFT formalism is that the Higgs couplings are related to not only themselves but also to W and Z couplings, guided by the SU(2)xU(1) gauge symmetries. More over determination of Higgs couplings is also related to knowledge of top-quark electroweak couplings. On the other hand, since a large number of experimental observables, from LHC, LEP/SLC and future e+e-, are needed to determine the Higgs couplings in a global fit, it becomes highly non-trivial to understand quantitatively how the precision of each Higgs coupling is affected by the input measurements. This talk will introduce how the global SMEFT fit is realized and the role of each measurement including electroweak precision observables, beam polarization and the synergy with LHC.