The 44th Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Joint Committee for Cooperation in High Energy Physics

The 44th U.S.-Japan Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) on High Energy Physics was held on April 14th and 15th at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC). It was the first meeting held in-person after the whole two years under the influence of COVID-19.

This program which has been continued over 40 years aims to conduct joint research using the accelerator facilities of both Japan and the U.S., and it has produced various results so far. Especially it has been playing an outstanding role in fostering young Japanese researchers. In fact, those who sent to the U.S. through this program have become leaders in universities and research institutes nationwide.

The U.S. side was represented by Dr. Glen Crawford, Director of Research and Technology Division, Office of High Energy Physics, DOE, and the Japanese side was represented by Dr. Yasuhiro Okada, Executive Director for International Affairs, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, KEK. The participants from both sides discussed the research cooperation in high energy physics field between the US and Japan, and adopted the joint research projects to be implemented in FY2022.

The committee agreed to hold the next meeting in Hawaii in 2023 along with a mini-symposium.