Detector Seminar: The MONOLITH project – towards picosecond timing in monolithic silicon pixel ASIC


2022/10/21 10:00 – 11:30


bldg.4-go-kan room.325 + Zoom


Giuseppe Iacobucci (University of Geneva)





The MONOLITH ERC Advanced project aims at producing a monolithic silicon pixel ASIC with 50µm pixel pitch and picosecond-level time stamping. The two main ingredients are low-noise, fast SiGe BiCMOS electronics and a novel sensor concept, the Picosecond Avalanche Detector (PicoAD). The PicoAD uses a multi-PN junction to engineer the electric field and produce a continuous gain layer deep in the sensor volume. The result is an ultra-fast current signal with low intrinsic jitter in a full fill factor and highly granular monolithic detector. The proof-of-concept ASIC prototype recently produced proved that the PicoAD principle works. Testbeam measurements show that the proof-of-concept prototype is fully efficient and achieves time resolutions of 17ps averaged on the pixel surface, with 13ps at the center of the pixel and 25ps at the pixel edge.

Release date 2022/10/19 Updated 2024/03/02