2022/02/08 09:00 – 2022/02/10 17:30


Online (Zoom)


Invited speakers





This is a joint workshop of the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Studies (IPNS) and the Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS) at KEK. We will provide a chance to bring different viewpoints from different fields that are complementary to each other, such as experimental and theoretical, elementary particles and condensed matter, and to share ideas. This year, there will be two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon: The morning sessions in the workshop are organized as a joint workshop with the newly established WPI (World Premier International Research Center Initiative) at KEK, QUP (International Center for Quantum-field Measurement Systems for Studies of the Universe and Particles). One of the missions of QUP is to launch a project on elementary particle physics and cosmology with novel “quantum devices” towards the understanding of our quantum universe. It is called “Project Q,” and the morning sessions of the workshop are devoted to this Project Q. We invite several distinguished speakers on new particle searches, detection of quantum gravitational effects, and intriguing quantum devices. The first several talks are focused on axion and new particle searches by various new quantum devices such as single-magnon or single-electron detections. On the second day, we discuss the possibility of detecting quantum effects of gravity. The last several talks are devoted to novel quantum sensors such as the diamond sensor, Casimir force devices, and quantum qubits. The talks in the morning sessions are given in English. The afternoon session focuses on recently developed topics from broader areas, from quantum information to biophysics. The talks in the afternoon session are given in Japanese.

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